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Sisters of The Heavenly Way

Tai Chi Symbol
Quan Yin 2
Barbara Wolff

We have forgotten.  We have forgotten how to yield and rest.  How to listen and be.  How to receive and gather, nourish, and live life. 

Looking closely, we see birds sinking lightly into the Earth before launching themselves into the sky.  Animals gathering in and downwards before springing out through the air.  Paper kites soaring and dancing with the breeze while connected to the Earth by human beings who ground down before pushing up to step purposefully forward through space.


We see all things come into being and express themselves as a result of a dynamic and balanced interplay between earthly (resting, receptive, denser) and heavenly (active, expansive, lighter) forces, also known as yin and yang, and loosely as feminine and masculine qualities.  Both equally essential to Life.  These forces spontaneously arise from Life’s depth—the mysterious Mother—a formless, timeless and immeasurable natural potential.  And they continuously express themselves through spiraling and balancing movements—Life’s integral expression.

Each cell—the result of the interaction of yin and yang—is inspired by Life to maintain a balance of its forces in order to grow and mature.  On even subtler levels, finer degrees of balance offer humankind the unique opportunity to unite with Life’s depth and energetically evolve.  But without a sincere conscious movement to join in balancing these forces and be whole, we miss the evolutionary chance.  In order to live safely and progressively, it’s essential we harmonize with Life’s whole.

Today, however, nearly all lives are suffering.  A consequence of the excessive use of our active, strong and outwardly focused masculine expression, and dismissal of our softer, receptive and inwardly focused feminine expression.  Our extreme activity is causing the energies of yang and yin to move disastrously out of balance.   

We have forgotten.  We have forgotten how to allow these forces to cooperate together so we can live in accord with Life and evolve.  The Sisters of the Integral Way (SUIW) was formed to help us remember.  As a group of women ever learning to create balance within ourselves, our families and communities, we come together each month under the guidance of the Integral Way to:

~Appreciate the Way of a plain good life.
~Share and laugh together and inspire each other to see through our everyday challenges and find deep meaning in our ordinary routines.
~Sincerely value and raise the feminine virtues of receptivity, unconditional love, deep ease and intuitive knowing to their natural leadership position in our lives and communities.
~Positively enact the feminine role of grounding the masculine energies and gently guiding these to constructive activity and deep union with Life.

In this way, we respect and nourish Life as a whole, and Heaven evolves with Earth.

If you are a woman who resonates with this calling, please join our SUIW gatherings by contacting Barbara at ​ 

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