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InfiniChi Medical Qi Gong Institute

Do You have a Health Plan?

"I want Inspiration, Vitality, a Strong Immune System,

Longevity, Peace of Mind, and a Bright Spirit!"


 Everyone wants a good health plan.  Are you planning on being healthy?  The College of Tao has some wonderful health programs that you can enroll in.  The ancient Taoist sages knew the hidden power of many natural medicines. They understood the medicinal abilities of color, sound, food, herbs, positive thinking, energy enhancing movements, mother nature, and storytelling (guided meditations.)  


In 2007, Dr. Bruce Lipton discovered a new field of western medicine called “Epigenetics.”  Epi … means above and … genetics refers to the genes. What is above the genes?  We are!  What Dr. Lipton discovered is “what we think or believe, affects our cells immediately.”  Dr. Lipton proved what many healers, doctors, and teachers have been saying for centuries.  Positive stimulus produces a positive, healthy result.  This InfiniChi Medical Qi Gong section is a collection of powerful positive energy (Qi) stimuli that are healing modalities that have been time-tested for several thousand years. 


 Infinichi Medical Qi Gong, Infinichi Energy Qi Gong, Qi Gong for Cancer Support, and Qi Gong for Weight Wellness can lead to becoming a certified Qi Gong teacher or a Qi Gong Practitioner.  These Qi Gong classes and information DVD's become a Health Plan by merging...

“...Ancient Wisdom and Modern Medicine.”

 Edward Sullivan

Dean of the InfiniChi Medical Qigong Institute




InfiniChi Medical Qi Gong Level 2 (for acupuncturists)

InfiniChi Energy Qi Gong Level 2 (for non-acupuncturists)

Both take the same course with a different certifications.

(For additional information on all the complete programs please go to home page

click on Institutes then InfiniChi Medical & Energy Qi Gong.)

InfiniChi Level 2


July 12, 13, & 14 2024

Prerequisite L-1


9:00 am-5:30 pm Pacific Time 


$350. Total for 3 days

$300. Pre-register by July 5, 2024

$89 Audit if Level 2 completed

Click to Enroll

Prerequisites: InfiniChi Level 1

Click here to go to InfiniChi Level 2 information page


Students can attend In-Person at Yo San University at 13315 Washington Blvd., LA, 90066 2nd floor, InfiniChi room or on Zoom.  If you cannot attend that day In-person or on Zoom, then I will send you a copy of the Zoom class that you will have access to for 1 month. Students will be provided a digital textbook for each class.  

In InfiniChi Level 2, students learn Qigong healing protocols and techniques to assist others in healing.   InfiniChi 2 introduces students to one-on-one Qi Gong sessions with feedback that helps them develop their personal Qi language for more accurate health assessments.  Students increase their level of Qi sensitivity and personal protection with the emphasis on not using their own energy in the healing process but rather harnessing universal energies.

 Infinichi Level 2 provides the basic knowledge and techniques to assist family and friends into wellness. Others may wish to continue on to Infinichi Level 3 & 4 and aim towards an Infinichi Medical/Energy Qi Gong healing profession.


Qi Gong for Cancer Support and Cancer Prevention Class Coming Soon


QiGong for Back Pain
Qi Gong for Fertility
Qi Gong for Water Element
Qi Gong for Wood Element
Tai Chi Symbol Swirling
Qi Gong for Weight Loss DVD
Qi Gong for Cancer Support DVD
Prenatal Qi Gong
Qi Gong for Earth Element
Qi Gong for Fire Element
Qi Gong for Metal Element
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