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Harmony Tai Chi

Dr. Mao Shing Ni. Harmony Style Tai Chi
Picture the Swirling Tai Chi symbol

Harmony Tai Chi movement (also called Trinity Style, Unity Style, or Internal Harmony Tai Chi), contains the essence of the Chen, Yang and Wu styles. Chen was developed earlier then Yang and Wu, which are later, simplified styles. The Chen Style, which alternates between strength and softness, originally developed from martial arts combined with the high knowledge of the ancient developed people who resided in the remote mountains of China. The Yang Style tends to be more gentle and slow, and was once used as the primary State martial art of China. The Wu style tends to be lighter and faster.

Since Harmony Tai Chi has a balanced focus on integrating the body, mind, and spirit, it is the most suitable for men and woman of all ages. Because of its unique quality of capturing the essence of the Yang, Chen and Wu styles of Tai Chi, Harmony Tai Chi saves the serious students of Eastern Health and Philosophy the necessity to learn these other styles separately. Instead, it allows for more time to pursue higher forms of learning that are specific to one’s cultivation of directing the focus to each of the three Tan Tiens.

Harmony Tai Chi captures the gracefulness and meditative benefits of the popular Yang Style, the power generating aspects of the Chen Style, and the agility of the Wu Style. It distills the unique benefits of all three styles into one form that can be easily learned by anyone who is interested in improving their health and well-being. Many serious students learn Harmony Style as a stepping stone to the higher forms of Tai Chi movements such as Gentle Path, Sky Journey and Infinite Expansion.

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The Cosmic Tai Chi Principle

The Cosmic Tai Chi principle is that of rhythmic alternation or movement. For example, inhaling and exhaling, or movement inward to collect energy in the center before moving outward from the center to the limbs. Like the concept of Yin and Yang as the two poles of all things, the Cosmic Tai Chi principle is simply the alternation of these two forces.

​The special term for the Tai Chi principle is Yin Yang Kai Huh. Yin and Yang can be translated as contraction and expansion. Kai means openness and Huh means to close back. Thus, Kai Huh actually mean the same thing as Yin Yang.

​More interesting than talking or reading about the theory is experiencing the reality by practicing these ancient movements which have been developed and refined by generations of devoted practitioners. Doing them will broaden your understanding more than reading ten thousand books. They are all gentle movements, but the energy of each is quite different.

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