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Qi Practices-An Overview

Welcome Seeker to The Integral Way. Below is a categorization of different Qi practices with the intention to assist you in understanding a new way of looking at movement, exercise, health, healing and the mysterious energy of the Universe we refer to as Chi. Although near impossible to absolutely categorize many of our practices, we make a sincere and practical effort to aid in the learning of these practices and make teaching them understandable to a broad range of people. All of our practice's listed below will link to another page for more in depth information and ways that you can find tools and instructors for your learning experience.


This category includes beginning practices that introduce students new to qi cultivation and our tradition. The practices often are accompanied by introducing and discussing important principles behind the practices. Practices such as


This category constitutes the primary body of practices that we advocate for students to practice regularly in their lives to maintain health and cultivate jing/qi/shen. 


This category consists of specific practices for specific purpose i.e. healing a condition for self and others and advanced spiritual practices

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