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I Ching Studies and Divination


 The Bagua
The Eight Trigrams
 The I Ching

The I Ching or The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth is an ancient Chinese Taoist oracle, allowing the practitioner to pose questions from within oneself and receive answers to those questions from the core of universal natural being itself. The I Ching has been used for divination from the dawn of civilization in the “Middle Kingdom.” As translated and interpreted by Taoist Master Hua-Ching Ni, the book contains 38 generations of profound wisdom and commentary as well as detailed methodologies that allow one to fully access the depths of their own spiritual nature. Hua-Ching Ni has stated: "The I Ching is the foundation of all Chinese knowledge systems. All eminent achievements of China, i.e. acupuncture, herbology. feng shui, political, military philosophy and strategy and so forth are derived from the I Ching." “The principles contained in the I Ching express simple, non-coercive guidelines for harmonizing human nature with the unspoiled great nature,” and illustrate “the most appropriate point in any particular behavior or event.”
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Students in this class will learn the most fundamental underpinnings of Taoist culture, traditional Chinese medicine and ancient Chinese cosmology. These include nuanced understandings of Yin and Yang energies, the five elements, eight “Ba Gua,” the 64 hexagrams and more, all of which express subtle compositions of energy and thus reveal the outcome or nature of a person, situation or event. Fully understanding these topics will allow the user of the I Ching to recognize the true nectar in the answers the I Ching provides. By giving profound insight into the interaction of natural and universal energies, the I Ching gives you practical guidance in terms of your health and daily life. Used with understanding and purpose, it can help you predict events large and small, determine their true nature, while also acting as an eternal source of ageless counsel and timeless wisdom.

Astrological Birth Chart
​Every ancient culture has observed the predictable patterns in the cyclical movement of the planetary bodies in our visible universe.  The field of recording the precise movements and studying of the constellations of stars in the night sky is called astronomy while the forecast of a person’s “life cycle” based on corresponding time and place of one’s birth in relation to the position of these heavenly bodies is called astrology.  

While the scientific community turns their nose up at astrology as being superstitious and unscientific, astronomers and astrophysicist have uncovered troves of data accumulated over the centuries to show that there are cosmic laws at work that drive distinct patterns of changes in the sky and on planet earth.  

There are three regional astrology that are commonly practiced today, namely: Western, Vedic and Chinese.  Western astrology refers to the tropical zodiac system that’s common in Europe and the Americas, Vedic astrology refers to the system used in India and Chinese astrology is a system practiced in China and many parts of Asia that utilizes a 60-year cycle of time instead of astronomical calculations.  

The Western system helps to chart one’s character based on monthly zodiac signs, while the Vedic system provides predictions and insights that pertains to one’s “karma”, whereas the Chinese systems, also known as I Ching Birth Chart help us understand the cycles of the Earth based on the the laws of yin-yang polarity and the cyclical transformations of the Five Elements during the years and seasons that forecast changes in one’s life.  

I Ching Birth Chart takes into consideration of time and space, meaning when and where you were born to calculate your life cycles based on the forecasting science of the I Ching which accurately revealed the 64 combination of the human DNA over two millennia ago.  This same system with its attention to not just time but also space--which is missing in the other two astrological systems is the basis for Feng Shui, the art of spatial energy alignment in one’s living and working environment. 

So what is the value of an I Ching Birth Chart
The benefits of all forecasting science is to use historical data to find patterns that can be projected out into the future in order to better prepare for the probable ups and downs. Likewise, I Ching Birth Chart provides a glimpse into the future of your life so that you can maximize positive expressions during an “up” cycle while minimize negative outcome during a “down” cycle with specific guidance for the five main areas of your life: health of body, mind, relationships, work and finance and therefore become more effective in adapting your life, accordingly. 


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