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Quan Yin

Goddess of Constructive Intention

Quan Yin

Alone I am different
Because I prize and seek
My sustenance from the Mother
-Tao Teh Ching

To give birth,
To nourish,
To give birth without taking possession,
To nourish without appropriation,
To be chief among men without managing them
This is the Mystic Virtue.
from Workbook for Spiritual Development of all People by Hua Ching Ni

"Kuan-Yin, have faith in the Goddess of Mercy, the most suitable spiritual image to represent the ageless Way of human life.
...The true Kuan-Yin lives in the depth of all human hearts.
'Kuan' in Chinese means observing, witnessing and watching the real personal experience; 'yin' is the voice that is deeper than any external sound. Combined, it means the divine one who listens to the deepest voice of the heart. Kuan has now become the general spiritual guardian to all people in China and especially the females. As a positive faith, she truthfully promotes the quality of self-worth. At a deeper level, she can represent both the highest spiritual essence, and the higher inner being that carries the numerous spiritual and mental elements in life."

Evergreen Life
Hua Ching Ni and Mao Shing Ni

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