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Fu Shi
The Bagua

Natural Chinese Nutrition is based on the principles of balance and harmony as well as on the nature of individual foods.  Fu Shi, one of the great sages of ancient China discovered eight categories of universal energy, which later became known as the Ba Gua or Eight Trigrams – this is a further division of the two main categories – Yin & Yang.

Shen Nang

Shen Nang, who lived after Fu Shi used these principles to develop herbal medicine and essential nutrition. He was known as the Divine Farmer and father of agriculture.

Yellow Emperor
Neijing Suwen

After Shen Nung came the Yellow Emperor and it in was during this period that the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine was derived – this the foundational text of Chinese Medicine.

Integral Principles of Nutrition

Ultimately, the energy that sustains all life on Earth is the sun.

The animal & plant kingdoms continue their existence by nature of the Yin/Yang balancing of

Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide and the products of carbohydrate by the plant chlorophyll.

Nature can be trusted as the great provider; it is we who need to open our hearts and minds.

Maintaining our physical health will reflect directly on our spiritual health and capability and is a 

prerequisite for the development of our spiritual potential.

Developing ourselves spiritually will lessen our emotional entanglements with food and awaken our internal wisdom of what we truly need.

The best digestion comes from a truly calm mind.

Healthy Food

Mission Statement of the Integral Nutrition Institute

Integral Nutrition Institute (INI) is a Nutrition Coaching Program in the art and science of Food as Medicine, integrating the energetic and biochemical, Eastern and Western Nutrition traditions to help people achieve optimum health, function and longevity.

This course is designed to assist any person who hopes to live a long, balanced and healthy life, and also for those who may wish to enhance their Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice through attaining certification in our INI course.

As one naturally simplifies and refines one’s choice of food and beverage, one’s body, mind and spirit responds through settling down, attuned to the rhythm of a natural life, calmly unfolding into a state of balance and wholeness.

This is an online, self-paced audio/visual course with interactive forums and instructor Q & A sessions, assignments and quizzes as well as live seminars. The completion of this course qualifies students to take the written exam and presentation, which is required in order to receive the certification.

Healthy Food

Professional Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutrition Program
An online home study course led by

Dr. Mao Shing Ni, DOM, PhD, LAc, ABAAHP
author of the Tao of Nutrition, Yellow Emperor's Classic, Secrets of Longevity, 

Live Your Ultimate Life, Secrets of Self Healing, Live Long-Live Strong & many more

Peter Francis Cunneen, MATCM, Naturopathe MTC dipl. CH, cert. ASCA, RME

Amira Kusala, Integral Nutrition Institute Dean

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