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Certification Application

CHI Health Institute Annual Renewal


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Please Select Your Certifications

Cosmic Tour Bagua
Dao In
Harmony Tai Chi
Harmony Tai Chi Sphere
Harmony Tao Chi Straight Sword
Infinichi Feng Shui
ITMI Taoist Meditation
Qi Gong for Weight Management
Crane Style Chi Gong
The Eight Treasures
Harmony Tai Chi Fan
Harmony Tai Chi Staff
Infinichi Energy Healing Program
Infinichi Path Life Coaching
Qi Gong for Cancer Support
Self Healing Qi Gong

Single annual renewal fee of $ 95.00 for practitioners and $70.00 for Yo San Students includes all forms, levels and ranks for which you are certified, regardless of number of forms. All fees are payable in US dollars by PayPal or credit card only

Instructor/Practitioner Fee Schedule

CONFIRMATION:  I hereby confirm that the foregoing information, and all attachments if any, are true and correct. I agree to provide supporting documentation, when requested. As a Mentor, Certified Instructor, or Practitioner, I will conduct my personal and professional activities in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards. I understand that CHI requests a voluntary 5% yearly donation on net teaching income (after expenses) to College of Tao/CHI Health Institute with my certification renewal. I also understand that I may not produce any video or book publication of the Integral Way & Ni Family movement art forms without the prior, written permission of the College of Tao.

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