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Dr. Daoshing Ni. Crane Style Chi Gong

In the Orient, especially in China, Korea and Japan, the crane is a symbol of longevity and peacefulness. It has a quiet, non-competitive character. The movements of Crane Style Chi Gong are based on those of the crane that are graceful and harmonious, like the flow of water in a murmuring stream. Crane Style Chi Gong is simple to learn and practice. As long as one’s mind follows the flow of chi during the exercises, its therapeutic effect is pronounced and one’s energy becomes better regulated and balanced.

The Crane Style Chi Gong was developed in Beijing, China by Dr. Chao Jing Sian in 1980. Since then, its popularity has spread throughout China. Every day, more and more people practice it to cure their own chronic ailments or simply for the joy of staying healthy.

Picture of two Cranes flying
Dr. Daoshing Ni. Crane Style Chi Gong DVD
Dr. Daoshing Ni. Crane Style Chi Gong. E Book
Mastering Chi Book by Hua Ching Ni. OmNi. E Book

If one takes his or her learning seriously and carefully follows the instructions in this publication and videos, the self-learning process will be quite successful. Of course, to have a teacher nearby has advantages over self-learning. A teacher can correct movements and assist one in learning more accurately and faster. However, this does not mean that self-learning is not possible. As long as one is diligent and follows the rules strictly, continuous practice will benefit both mental and physical health.

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