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James Tuggle

James Tuggle

James Tuggle, Dean, I Ching Institute

James, as an attorney, first incorporated the College of Tao in the early 1980s. He participated in the original I Ching class, which resulted in The Book of Changes and The Unchanging Truth. As a UCLA law school graduate, he became the legal consultant for the early organization. On their first meeting, Master Ni said to him: “You’ve been studying too much, your kidneys are very weak.” At that time, he was involved in Vipassana meditation tradition. OmNi and James became friends before he became a student. He started taking the early classes- Internal Alchemy, 8 Treasures Qigong, Harmony style & Chen style Tai Chi, were among his first classes.

Yo San University was established and they asked James to teach the I Ching. OmNi sent James to New Zealand where he led a seminar on the fundamentals of this profound book as well as the Workbook for Spiritual Development and others. Dr. Mao introduced Medical I Ching to Yo San students and handed the classes to James. As Yo San University kept growing he continued his classes teaching Medical I Ching and meditation. He has also been leading Sunday morning Shrine service and meditation classes from the beginning.
James has been on the Board of Trustees of Yo San University, and at one time was the Chairman of the Board, restructuring and upgrading the Qi program. He now continues his service of the Integral Way, guiding the Sunday Renewal, Stems & Branches and I Ching studies.

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