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Feng Shui Level I


In Feng Shui Level I, we explore how this ancient art and science views the world through the natural laws of energy flow and balance, Yin Yang and the Five Elements. We then focus on application of the Five Element system with its Five Phases of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water to any area of life that is problematic and learn to use Feng Shui to harmonize the Five Element energy to dissolve blockage, using the Five Element Personality paradigm to facilitate tailored solutions. ​ ​Dr. Mao Shing Ni shares his modern take on these ancient concepts, teaching easy steps to connect our mind, body, and spirit all together with our living or working space for a healthy and fulfilling life, while Claire Cunneen guides your learning via live stream sessions with Q&A, examples and practice. The steps of the Five Healths Feng Shui Level I course prepare you to offer practical and effective Feng Shui services. They are carefully organized so that you gradually acquire the skills needed to interact with clients, identify imbalances and introduce simple Feng Shui treatments that will bring harmony to any space.


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