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The Spiritual Principle of Tai Chi

The Tai Chi principle is about the practice of balance

Around 8000 years ago, various wise individuals searched for the highest principles of life and eventually discovered that in both Nature and the human body, everything is arranged and developed in symmetrical patterns, and to any paired dualistic situation the principle of yin and yang can be applied.

In Nature, opposites within a duality naturally accomplish and balance one another, though a sense of drastic difference can also exist. At the depth, the apparent difference does not mean the need to make a choice, although the rejection of some differences does occur in certain situations. Rather, in Nature, all existence is equally valued. Opposites and differences coexist, which means that any confrontational situation is not necessary.

Our human perception of differences and opposing situations needs to improve to match the principle of coexistence found within Nature, as all life develops from Nature and her movements . But, instead we depart from our natural roots by overly insisting on differences within any duality, and using the emotional force of being opinionated and insistent to escalate stress and antagonize any opposing partner. This is so even though there is no emotional force to fuel any sense of difference in the material sphere.

The ancient sages developed the philosophy of Tai Chi to better understand the natural coexistence and natural adjustments of life. This philosophy and associated principle came from objective observation rather than artificial faith, and from practical spiritual effort rather than imposed religious dogma.

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Hua-Ching Ni & Mao Shing Ni

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