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Sexual Fulfillment

Twenty-Eight Guidelines for Healthy Sexual Fulfillment

The teaching and practices of both conventional religious professionals and Tantric practitioners have lasted for thousands of years, but from my perspective each group lacks the correct attitude towards sexual matters. Thus, they do not represent the best model for mainstream humanity.

Our suggestions for a healthy life draw on the inspirations from Nature and thousands of years of human experience. What follows are a few of the 28 guidelines for achieving a healthy sexual relationship, as well as guidance for healthy mating and conception.

For emotional support and psychological balance in life, enjoy a respectful and caring love life with healthy sexual connections.

Sexual relations should be private. Sex is a healthy and sacred matter for both individuals, and the sexual union should be respected and not disturbed.

For a healthy sexual connection, both partners should have enough rest, be in a good mood and be in a place with the right atmosphere. The physical union between couples is a sacred as the spiritual service in a temple.

Engaging in an active sexual life early on in life, even within a marriage, however, is not necessarily helpful to health.

Mutual devotional love between partners is a great help to the overall quality of their lives. However, emotional and physical intervals, or rests, from each other are also necessary to restore the spiritual levels of each individual. This is because the transformed levels of connection are more important that setting up a cycle where couples make each other physically dull and boring by quarrelling until the next round of sexual relations.

Choosing serious constructive spiritual pursuits that reduce or transform desire can offer salvation from the bottomless pit of physical desire.

Internal spiritual intercourse in the immortal tradition is the main practice of serious spiritual cultivation. It enhances the relationship between the mind and body, which is a practice that everyone ought to value.

The Five Healths for A New Humanity
Hua-Ching Ni & Mao Shing Ni

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