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Big Love and Small Love

Uniting Heaven and People

The knowledge from the spiritual and cultural heritage of China is based on eight
thousands years of wisdom and experience of the human relationship with Nature.
But despite its universal depth and breadth, the Chinese, after suffering many defeats
during the nineteenth century began to reject its value in favor of the newer and
fashionable foreign systems. Although physical defeat was not a new experience,
there was a deep sense of failure regarding the old humanistic culture based on the
truth from Nature. Thus, although their humanistic culture is one of the best in
the world, it was unable to defend the pride of the Chinese nation.

People who are capable, virtuous and rich and use these to provide for people in need,
fulfill the Way of heavenly virtue for people. And those in need who rely on help
from others, but repay them with physical labor fulfill the Way of earthly virtue.
People who practice mutual help respect and fulfill the morality of Nature
and bypass the social classes that group into masters and slaves.

The Five Healths for A New Humanity
Hua-Ching Ni & Mao Shing Ni

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