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The Chi Health Institute is a branch of The College of Tao dedicated to promoting health through Taoist movement arts transmitted by the Ni Family. Inspired by Grandmaster Hua-Ching Ni also known as OmNi or Dao Da Tzu, and the current Master of the Ni Family Taoist Tradition, Mao Shing Ni, and with the support of his brother, Dr. Dao Shing Ni. The Institute offers professional level training and certification in The Integral Way movement arts. These include The Eight Treasures, Dao In, Harmony Tai Chi with accompanying instrument forms, Cosmic Tour Bagua, and Crane Style Chi Gong. The Institute also trains and certifies in certain specific Qi Gong sets, Meditation and unique advanced practices.

Our programs are developed to certify CHI instructors along with the any person seeking mastery of a form they find quite intriguing, regardless of their desire to be a recognized instructor. Our goal is to empower individuals to carry on the rich tradition of The Ni Family and Integral Way that feature a progressive, systematic approach that nurtures curiosity, learning, facilitates skill development and inspires one to look beyond only the physical aspect of natural gentle movement and what this may mean to ones life experience, empowerment and continuing growth.

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The Integral Way is a modern natural Taoist way of life that is open, non-dogmatic and accepting of all people. The Ni Family, our benefactors, have integrated the best of classical, natural Taoist teaching with useful modern developments.

We all aspire to achieve the five fundamental health's of a constructive life; Physical Health, Mental-Emotional Health, Financial Health, Moral Health and Spiritual Health. Our goal is to achieve these through the conservation, cultivation and refinement of the Qi of the Body, Qi of the Mind, Qi of the Spirit and the Qi of the Entire Universe!

The Institute was founded in 2002 by Dr. Mao Shing Ni.

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There are three fundamental ranks of The Integral Way/Ni Family Movement Arts

Certified Instructor/Practitioner
The first rank is Certified Instructor. A new instructor starts off at the Certified Instructor rank. The Certified Instructor knows the form and has the basic tools to teach the form in classes, workshops, and private lessons. They may also help students prepare for teaching certification. However, they cannot give the Practical Exam or the required Instructor Training Intensive to Certified Instructor candidates. A person may remain at this rank for as long as they like, or they may choose to seek elevation to the rank of Senior Instructor with additional training and experience. Certified Instructor levels are particular to each form. For example in The Eight Treasures there are 3 levels, so a Certified Instructor would be denoted as L1 (CI), L2 (CI), L3 (CI). This correlates to "Level 1 Certified Instructor" and so on. Some forms have 4, 3, 2, or only 1 level at the (CI) Certified Instructor level. This system is in place to make learning the basics of a form more achievable and the ability to teach and help others more expedient. The pages of our forms will explain the levels of each form. The distinction of these different levels for certification is only applicable at the (CI) Certified Instructor levels of training and instruction. At the following level (SI) Senior Instructor one must complete the entire form as a (SI) Senior Instructor as one complete training. 

Certified Instructors are required to pass Entering the Tao: Integral Way Course for Spiritual Self-Development Course, Part I.

Senior Instructor/Practitioner
The second fundamental rank is Senior Instructor. Senior Instructors are authorized to administer the Practical Exam and offer the required Instructor Training Intensive to Certified Instructor candidates, and to certify those that pass all the requirements. Senior Instructors have a deeper level of knowledge regarding their movement art, more than one year’s teaching experience in their form, including assisting another Instructor, greater maturity in teaching and practice, and additional training in the form and having taken the required Senior Instructor Training Intensive.
Senior Instructors are required to be a Mentor of the Integral Way. 

Master Instructor/Practitioner
The third fundamental rank is Master Instructor. Master Instructors will engage in specific training and can only be certified by The Master of The Tradition or Master Instructor with authorized proxy.

There is no open application for this level and is on a case by case basis.

Provincial Master Instructor/Practitioner
This position is a Master Instructor that assists CHI in assuring quality control and dissemination of pertinent updates regarding their specialty. This will cover a certain regional area. This person also acts as source of information for questions that may arise from practitioners of their discipline.

There is no open application for this level and is on a case by case basis.

Provisional Levels
-Provisional Certified Instructor
A Temporary
position that holds all the authorities of a Certified Instructor with the caveat that certain administrative or training protocols have to be met within a specified period.
-Provisional Senior Instructor 
(This level is limited to Level 1 in all forms)
A Temporary position that holds all the authorities of a Senior Instructor with the caveat that certain administrative or training protocols have to be met within a specified period.
-Provisional Master Instructor

A Temporary position that holds all the authorities of a Master Instructor with the caveat that certain administrative or training protocols have to be met within a specified period.

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Certification Process

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Instructor in one or more of the Ni Family movements, just follow these 5 steps under the guidance of a Senior Instructor:

1. Learn the form. Take the class from a Certified Teacher (In-Person or Online.)  Notify your teacher that you are interested in becoming a Certified Teacher and they will connect you to a Senior Instructor or search for one in the CHI Directory. This person will mentor  you through the Certification process.

2. Complete the "Introduction to Spiritual Self-Development Course, Part I, The Integral Way of Life,”  (you only have to take Part I)   This course requirement is waived for Yo San University students who have completed and passed Fundamentals of Taoism course—you must submit official transcript showing completion of said course.

3. Take a Teacher Training Intensive,  Upon successful completion of your Teacher Intensive, the Senior Instructor will send a “pass” confirmation to College of Tao and your Senior Instructor will schedule your Practical Exam. Alternatively, the Senior Instructor may require you, instead of a teacher training intensive to take and assist a course, training you through the teaching assistance process.  

4.  Pass the Practical Exam.  The Senior Instructor will ask you to demonstrate your knowledge and accuracy of the form that you are seeking to be certified in one on one in person or Online, if applicable. Upon successfully passing the practical exam, as evidenced by an email recommendation sent by Senior Instructor to the Registrar of College of Tao, proceed to the next step. 
5. Complete the Application and Pay all the required Fees. See Fee Schedule below.


Fee Schedule for Instructor Certification*

  • Teacher Training Intensive Fee: US $80 ($50 for current YSU students) paid directly to Senior Instructor

  • Practical Exam Fee: US $50. Payable to the Senior Instructor

  • ​New Application Fee: US $85. Every time you apply for a new Chi Health Movement Form or Meditation Certification you are you are required to pay this application fee

  • New Certification Fee: US $95 ($70 for current YSU students) This amount is prorated by the months remaining in the calendar year

  • Annual Renewal Fee: US $95. For New Certification(s) and to Renew your Certification(s) regardless of how many forms you have been certified in. Current Yo San students pay an Annual Fee of $70 until graduation after which the Renewal Fee becomes $95


*Certified Instructors with lapsed Certificate may not teach or represent themselves as a Certified Instructor unless their teaching certificate is valid and in good standing

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