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Bita Yadidi

Bita Yadidi

Bita Yadidi
California-Beverly Hills

Bita Yadidi
Self Healing Chi Gong (SI)
Harmony Tai Chi (PSI)
Harmony Tai Chi Straight Sword L1 (CI)
The Eight Treasures L1 (CI)


15 years ago when my girls were one and four years old, they were both hit with health challenges. One had a complex skin rash, and the other was coming down with a cold every other month. We went from doctor to doctor, medicine to medicine, and still no lasting results

Simultaneously, I was feeling anxiety, melancholy, exhaustion, and anger with the entire health care system...not to mention my life! Deep inside, there was a subtle voice that kept saying, “There must be more to life beyond being a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend."

I kept asking myself, “Bita, what is wrong with you? You have such a blessed life. Husband, kids, education, family, health, finances. Why the heck are you feeling like something is missing?”

My spirit was seeking, my body was giving me hints, but the mind was trying to convince me otherwise. I tried everything, but nothing was fulfilling my soul.

I felt so much guilt for feeling this way. Have you ever felt guilty about your own feelings? You aren't crazy!

After trying so many doctors and medicines, my girls were finally healed through acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and a change in their diet - a holistic path to health was illuminated for me and my family. My eyes were opened to a new way of experiencing life, so I decided to go back to school and learn this medicine or “magic” that healed my girls so I could share it with the world.

Going back to school taught me how to heal and transform from the inside out. I finally embraced myself and learned how to love and accept ALL of me. I learned what a holistic life style feels and looks like for me. This is not a cooke-cutter approach, but it is an ancient system rooted in wisdom and science.

Not only has this transformed my life and family, but it's transforming people just like you

No matter what you're struggling with today, I see you. I hear you. You are not alone.

The question you want to numb yourself and look the other way? Or, are you still looking for a quick fix? You know that neither of those options truly honor who you are. Are you finally ready to wake up and discover the root causes so that you can experience lasting results?

I am here to illuminate a holistic path to lifestyle transformation based on ancient wisdom, science, nutrition, and mind-body exercises in the modern world.

I have experienced what it takes to take care of your entire self - mind, body, and soul - and I've helped women just like you finally feel whole again. There is a solution to live your life with joy, peace, love, and health on your terms. Are you ready to experience it?

With much love and gratitude,


Dr. Bita Yadidi

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