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True Power Lies in Moral Health

Worship Moral Power Not Might

Moral Health ought to be a permanent worship in human society as it is greatly affected by people's spiritual condition and beliefs. When people lack self-esteem and self-respect, they lack dignity in life and suffer from a low sense of morality. People are also vulnerable to various influences and conditioning, both good and bad. As our spiritual condition in life is our most essential condition, it follows that we need to select those conditions that are benign and safe and of most benefit to our own and other people's lives. It is therefore valuable to spend some time pondering the type of spiritual worship that could help to improve the world.

In my view the most powerful and beneficial spiritual worship is the worship of moral power even though it appears less powerful that physical might. But physical might is a result of impulsiveness rather than developed rationalism. When people worship might, what opportunity is there for peace and safety?

Spiritually developed individuals obey the universal moral law over any other form of protection, as universal morality is the innate spirituality of the universe and the most powerful aspect of life. But most cultures condition people to believe in artificial establishments rather than the natural universal reality of their own lives. Widespread goodness can only grow when a culture is healthy. When it is unhealthy there is tremendous suffering, as seen in the two World Wars on the last century.

The Five Healths for A New Humanity
Hua-Ching Ni & Mao Shing Ni

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