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Omni walks inot Taosit Temple

“Inspect the contents of your mind. Cut off any unimportant side interests or inclinations, because these only cause scatteredness."

- Hua-Ching Ni
“The Time Is Now For A Better Life and A Better World” 



All our programs at the College of Tao guide you to look within to restore the balance and vibrancy of your life through harmony with nature. The teachings and practices are broadly known as the Integral Way and originated from the early practitioners of natural Subtle Truth known as Tao. Those individuals observed nature closely and realized how human beings can live in a healthy way in order to fulfill their lives and actualize their true spiritual potential.

Our mission is to preserve the spiritual wisdom and practices of the Integral Way Tradition and offer this to humanity, so you and all future generations have an opportunity to experience the radiant health, peace and spiritual truth that comes from living in harmony with the universal nature of life.

To facilitate your learning experience, the teachings have been organized into various branches of knowledge, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Five Healths, the Eight Pillars, nutrition, and energy conducting practices such as tai chi, chi gong, and meditation. Follow your interest to experience true freedom and contentment, while making a constructive contribution to humanity and to Mother Earth.

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Year of the Dragon

"Awakening to a New Day & The Soul of Humanity" 

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Marc Mason, Retreat Coordinator 2024

College of Tao Retreat Image, Sunrise
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Dr. Mao Shing Ni, 38th generation Doctor of Chinese Medicine, longevity specialist & bestselling author, will be teaching, leading workshops, and meditations from the Ni Lineage throughout the retreat. 

Year of the Dragon:

Awakening to a New Day & The Soul of Humanity

The retreat will be held in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

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