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                         2024 College of Tao

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Dr. Mao Shing Ni, 38th generation Doctor of Chinese Medicine, longevity specialist & bestselling author will share his wisdom on Dragon Rising: Awakening to a New Day and the Soul of Humanity. Embrace this call to action and reconnect with your inner strength and wisdom. You will learn Taoist Meditations, self healing qi gong, Cosmic Tour Bagua (energy circle movements), and The Eight Treasures – including both beginning & advanced levels – from teachers who have been sharing the Integral Way practices for decades. We invite you to join us in receiving these precious Taoist teachings to support greater peace and balance in this world.

Marc Mason, 2024 Retreat Coordinator

This all-inclusive retreat includes: classes, activities, lodging, and three meals a day.

Located at Blue Ridge Assembly, 84 Blue Ridge Circle, Black Mountain, NC 28711 

COT Retreat 2024 Sun

Take a Breath...Imagine yourself meditating as the sun rises over the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Inhale the refreshing breeze and fill yourself with new energy. Rise above limitations, awaken your inner potential, and unite with the soul of humanity to create a better world for all. Join us for this wonderful retreat to experience the Ascending Dragon of 2024.

Connect with your Inner Dragon and make 2024 a year of Transformation.

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