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The Five Elements

Steps To Certification

​Upon successful completion of a Feng Shui Level I Certification Day and with the approval of the Feng Shui School faculty, you will be eligible to apply for the official certification in Feng Shui Level I administered by the College of Tao.

During the Certification Day, each candidate presents two projects they have worked on during their Level I course. These projects are reviewed and given constructive feedback by the Feng Shui School faculty, with additional in-depth information and Q&A. With the Feng Shui School dean & Dr Mao Shing Ni’s approval, the College of Tao will then issue a Five Healths Feng Shui Certificate to the consultant valid for the remaining of the current year.

About the College of Tao Annual Accreditation Fee

​The College of Tao is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing harmony and health to the world through the Integral Way tradition. While the remaining of your first year accreditation fee is included in your Level I Course, your College of Tao accreditation as a Five Health Feng Shui Consultant is renewable annually by a $95 fee thereafter. This annual accreditation fee confirms an ongoing relationship of mutual recognition and allows the consultant to receive support and continuing access and discounts to various forums and activities organized by the College of Tao, including peer Feng Shui forums. This renewal fee of USD 95 covers one or all College of Tao accreditations you may have.

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