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The Spiritually Correct Way to Cultivate Our MInds

Cultivate the Mind

Although we humans have the potential to be godly, our mind is often pulled in a different direction by our emotions, desires and education. Thus, correctly educating the mind is of utmost importance, and differs from the intellectual education that directs our minds to memorize information that is external and of secondary importance to the broader and more inner development of our lives.

Cultivate The Mind
Our life is a gift from Nature. How can we not value it and work to improve it?

Choose Uprightness
Recognize and follow the broader path to learning, in order to mature and avoid all narrow views.

The Benefits
When our mind is calm and tranquil, we will not be disturb by troubles.
When our intention if life is relaxed, and not so constantly occupied, Difficulties can be controlled.

Natural Faith
Nature brings forth the true, straightforward faith.
Which can be distinguished from the artificial ones created by humans.

The Five Healths for a New Humanity
Hua-Ching Ni & Mao Shing Ni

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