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The Energy of the Mind

Correct use of the mind ought to be included in the science of psychology

The energy of the mind is the natural conscious energy installed by Nature to support life on Earth. But it is not totally a free gift, as it's development and good use is dependent on individual efforts.

Even though we cannot assert that we humans are the only high forms of life in the universe, we still ought to acknowledge that there is a distinction among people of less developed minds and those of highly developed minds. I am not talking about the different levels of intelligence as measured by an IQ test, but the psychic condition that distinguishes the nature of a person's overall character.

High minded people are those with a highly developed moral sense. These people have a clear understanding of their lives, which can be observed by the way they live. They do not harm themselves or others to reach high in society, and they remain independent from life's general desires. They also do not take anything away from the world, or give their lives to feed any blind and bloodthirsty mobs. Moreover, they do not sacrifice the world for personal interest, or sacrifice their own health and conscious mind for causes that support the underdevelopment in the world. I have seen such people walk away from the masses to live in the high mountains, yet they never forget the world and continue to offer their help on the side. Taoist Master Chen Tuan, who lived in China around 1000 years ago, is one example. He showed that attaining the high mind through Nature's subtle help is far more significant than any schooling. In contrast, low minded people are narrow minded, prejudiced and overly emotional. At their worst, such people live mostly through physical impulse and desire.

The Five Healths for a New Humanity
Hua-Ching Ni & Mao Shing Ni

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