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Dr. Arnold Tayam

Dr. Arnold Tayam

Dr. Arnold Tayam
Dean, International Bagua Institute

As Founder and Director of The Longevity Center, Professor Tayam conducts a Medical Qigong and Chinese Bodywork clinic practice specializing in Chinese Energetic Medicine. He began his studies more than three decades ago, and is one of the very few teachers offering programs that integrate the three major schools of Qigong: medical, martial, and spiritual.

He has been studying the Taoist teachings of The Integral Way. At the request of 74th-generation Taoist lineage Master, Ni Hua Ching, Professor Tayam was inspired to author a three-level advanced program in Traditional Chinese Medical Qigong which integrates the Integral Way teachings. As Dean of Infinichi Institute International at Yo San University, Marina Del Rey, Ca., Professor Tayam serves as a Senior Instructor and co- coordinator, teaching the program as an essential part of the University curriculum.

In Beijing, China, Professor Tayam interned at the Medical Qigong Clinic at the Xi Yuan Hospital. He completed studies in Advanced Medical Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine at the International Acupuncture Training center and graduated from Haidian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1995.

Additionally, he has trained in both Shaolin and Wu Dang martial arts and is a Beijing lineage disciple of Taijiquan and Bagua Zhang. Through the International Institute of Medical Qigong, he completed a program in Advanced Medical Qigong and a Certificate of Mastery as a Shifu of Wu Dang internal martial arts.

Professor Tayam has designed, implemented and taught Medical Qigong courses for several programs at Stanford University Hospital and Clinics, including the Stanford Cancer Supportive Care Program, the Center for Integrative Medicine and the Invitro Fertilization mind-body therapy program.

He has designed and has been a featured instructor in several Qigong and Tai Chi video and book publications and works. He has served as a director board member of the National Qigong Association and has taught for several universities, institutes, hospitals and clinics.

Drawing upon his many years of experience, Professor Tayam has created several programs offered through The Longevity Center. He is recognized on a national and international level, sharing this ancient wisdom for health, healing and personal empowerment.

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