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Claire Cunneen

Claire Cunneen

Claire C Cunneen, Dean, Feng Shui School

Claire is the Dean of Feng Shui School, a College of Tao Institute, and has achieved many certifications including as a a College of Tao certified InfiniChi Life coach and Qigong therapist (InfiniChi Energy Therapy). Her training as a Life coach includes the practice of Feng Shui for the Five Healths. She is an Alexander technique teacher graduated from the American Center for the Alexander Technique, NY.

Qigong Certifications
Claire is a College of Tao / Chi Health Institute certified senior instructor in Self-Healing Qigong, Eight Treasures Qigong, Crane Style Qigong and Harmony Style Tai Chi. Her Chi Health Institute certifications also include Taoist meditation, Dao-In & Ba Gua-Merry-go-round.
Claire has been teaching self-development through movement, body-mind techniques and Qigong, meditation and reflection across the US and in Europe for 30 years. She designed and taught the Qigong curriculum at Mercy College’s Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Program and was one of the original instructors in the Qi development program at Yo San University of TCM. She offers therapeutic care with individually tailored Qigong protocols and with Qigong Therapy as part of the TCM modalities available at AcuCentre, gives private and group instruction in Qigong & Tai Chi, offers private coaching and Feng Shui consultations, and co-moderates InfiniChi Life coaching, Feng Shui and healthy cooking seminars.

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