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The Use and Value of The Five Healths

Nature gives birth to the Health of life. The unhealthy condition of life is the fault of humans, not Nature.

The number one duty of life is to maintain good health and not burden yourself, your family or your society.

The Five Healths combine the teaching of The Integral Way to help us realize the high quality of life.

In the world, the well being of an individual, no matter what social stature he or she holds, is the most important asset in life. In our view, well being is made up of The Five Healths, and the word "health", includes the sense of safety and security in life. Thus, even though the world, our surroundings and our social stature may mean a great deal to our lives, if we do not have health and safety how can we really live? The well-being of The Five Healths is necessary in a persons life because good health fosters safety and security in our lives and in our societies, whereas a lack of health means no one is safe.

The world has attracted all kinds of people pursuing all kinds of external interests, but most people neglect the fundamentals of life. The overwhelming blind external pursuit by people, who compete with each other through all types of means, lowers the quality of human nature and spoils the world. Some of us may have even discovered that the world has become a den of beasts. Any helpful effort to save the well-being of the world must begin with recovering the well-being of each individual. As this is the spiritual duty and aim of The Integral way, it treat all people impartially.

Harm No One Unjustly

Stand On One's Own Feet And Then Help The World

To Discipline Oneself To be As Lean, Have as Much Endurance         And As Much Strength that One Can Possess In Balance

Begin Each Day With Constructive Spirits

Be Open To The Unseen Aspect Of Life

Path of Constructive Life Series

The New Universal Morality. Spirituality
The Power of the Feminine. Spirituality
Path of Contructive Life. Spirituality


Love of Mother Universe. Spirituality
The Five Healths for a new Humanity. Spirituality
One Spiritual Reality Book.jpg
Evolve Heaven and Earth. Spirituality
Live with the Universal Faith.jpg

The big, worldly cage was built by leaders of "handicraft" who specialized in external institutions. They too were caged in, along with people of general intelligence. Their descendants are also caged. It has become more and more difficult for people to escape the different kinds of unnatural social pressures that have established authority over one's life. One's life is treated like a sacrificial cow to be cut any way the evil rulers wish. How was this authority given over your life? Are you aware that we are also joining in building the cage of the world?

From Attaining Unlimited Life by Ni, Hua Ching

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