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Mentor Level 2 Application & Renewal

Developing and Balancing your Qi while Supporting your Community

Mentor Level 2 Application & Renewal

                We warmly welcome Integral Way Level 1 Mentors who are applying for Level 2 Mentorship.

Integral Way Mentor Level 2.

Your evolving spiritual journey is now expanding into a whole new subtle spiritual awakening. At this level, there is an emphasis on increasing your subtle spiritual awareness and encouraging the balance of Yin and Yang in all aspects of your life. We are fortunate to have the translation and elucidation of the wisdom of the Integral Way from OmNi. For this reason, Level 2 encourages a continued study of his books for they will guide you toward balancing your Qi. Level 2 also requires you to take The Introduction to Self-Development Course Part 2. Also, completing Mentor Level 2 gives you the option, if you have not already done so, of applying or advancing in the ATP Program, Levels 1-8. These are the esoteric practices of the Ni family tradition.

For ATP information, please contact Peter Stege:

“Part of my individual duty to help the world is to find and support other responsible individuals who have a ruby heart and selfless motivation to work as helpers toward a healthy, cooperative Society. They are not “warriors” or “elite.” In fact, they have no formal title that sets them above or separates them from others. I call them Mentors of the Integral Way. They may formally teach, or help in other useful ways, or they may simply live their lives in accordance with universal consciousness as models of the Integral Way.”
                                                                                                                                                    Enrich Your Life with Virtue by Hua-Ching Ni 


1. Complete the meditation course ITMI, Level 2…International Taoist Meditation Institute (ITMI) Level 2 Course
   (This class traditionally starts once a year. Check


2. Complete Part II of the Introduction to Spiritual Self-Development Course Part II - Introduction to Spiritual

    Self-Development Course

3. For self-reflection, frequently consult The Heavenly Way booklet. There is a free download in the menu of the        website

4. We encourage you to begin studying a Ni Family Qi Movement Form because you will need to be certified in          one of the forms below to become a Level 3 Mentor. To repeat, you don’t need it for Level 2 Mentorship, we just      encourage you to get a head start. Contact CHI Health Institute or a Senior Certified Instructor for                          requirements.

5. Please read your annual Mentor commitments following this document, and check appropriate boxes for                confirmation.


Make your heart like a lake

     with a calm still surface,

and great depths of kindness

                                            Lao Tzu

As a Mentor of the Taoist tradition, known as the Integral Way, I dedicate my life to cultivating my essential nature
and to helping others do the same. I will assess the physical, mental, spiritual, moral, and financial aspects of my
life, and where necessary, make changes in order to cultivate balance. As I gradually move away from superficiality and strive for simplicity, my ultimate goal is to realize the peaceful harmonization of all the areas in my life. I will try to do my best to avoid negative, destructive behavior because this lowers my spiritual energy.  I will not abuse my life or the life of others. I will not engage in the inappropriate use of drugs or alcohol. I do not encourage any form of internal, social, or political disharmony. Instead, I seek to clear my mind and unite with the calm presence of my being in order to influence my circle of family and friends in a gentle, positive way. I will do my best to express the virtuous qualities inherent in my heart.  I will do my best to cultivate kindness, selflessness, courage, fairness, honesty and contentment. These qualities reside deep within me - I intend to awaken these integral parts of my spiritual nature.  I make myself available to these virtuous qualities and forgive myself when I do not live up to my own expectations. At every stage of my growth, I remember that true cultivation occurs when I gather good, balanced energy within and use it to positively serve humanity. Thus, my service to the world will become an integral part of my self-cultivation. I allow myself to adapt to ongoing changes in the world. I wholeheartedly embrace and honor my physical life, and I wholeheartedly embrace and honor my awakening to the subtle experiences of my spiritual light. I commit to integrating both outer and inner realms as one. I am ready to continue to develop my deep understanding of the teachings of the Integral Way, which resulted from the keen observations and intuitions of sagely women and men of Tao. They recognized the deep harmony in Nature and sought to balance their own lives in accordance with it. With deep sincerity, I now dedicate myself to cultivating positive energy in my life and to helping others embrace positive energy in their lives.


This Vow is a required commitment that every Level 2 Mentor must sign. This indicates their commitment to spiritual living according to the cornerstones of the Integral Way. Sometimes a good person may make a mistake and become temporarily sidetracked from their high spiritual nature. If you feel you have strayed from the right direction, recalibrate and get back on course immediately. This Vow helps serve as both a goal, a commitment, and a gentle reminder. “Do you understand why we vow? We vow to stop self-created, boundless vexation. All vexation, worry and trouble-mindedness is a matter of spiritual un-development. “  Enlightenment: Mother of Spiritual Independence, by Hua-Ching Ni, p.173 Learning spiritually from the highest source is a serious commitment. You become personally responsible for safeguarding the purity and integrity of the Integral Way Tradition. Anyone who misrepresents the Integral Way Tradition will not only pull down the Tradition, but will pull down themselves. And, what you have gained from the teachings, at any point, must be reflected by a growing impeccable standard of behavior as you enter into Mentor Level 2. Selflessness must be your guide as you teach and lead. You must proceed with integrity, and with your students’ best interest at the forefront of your awareness. Always understanding that the Law of Energy Response always gives back what is due.

                                             If you have any questions concerning this Vow please contact the

                                                             COT Mentorship Program Coordinator.


1.   With deepest sincerity, I solemnly Vow to follow the Path of Spiritual Life in the highest Integral Way Tradition          as elucidated by OmNi and Drs. Mao and Dao.

2.   I will honor the many generations of spiritually achieved ones and value the wisdom from the Integral Way. I            will use this Tradition as a guide to overcome any of my own ego-driven personal interests. 

3.   I will follow the moral instruction and uphold the virtue illuminated within the books of this Tradition. Thus, I will        self-examine my behavior using the Heavenly Way Booklet to avoid egotistical thoughts, speech, impulsivity,          selfishness, and greed.

4.   I will use my learning from the Integral Way Tradition to build my spiritual merit and blessings. I will financially          support myself without expecting to be supported financially by the College of Tao, its teachers, or any of its          partner organizations.

5.   I will learn to respect the Heavenly Heart of the teachers of all generations of the Integral Way Tradition and            support their teachings.

6.   I will only teach when I am certified through the COT any Integral Way classes and CHI Health Movements            forms. I can teach other non-COT classes, but I teach them separately and acknowledge their different                  sources.

7.   I will work to earn respect from others by serving them well. 

8.   I will lead by my virtuous example, in accordance with the teachings in the Heavenly Way booklet.

9.   I will listen with all of my being to discover the Truth in others, as well as the Truth within myself.

10. I accept that the Integral Way Tradition exists for all students and teachers, not for any one individual.

11. I will keep the transmission of this lineage pure by always seeking the Spiritual Truth. And, by purifying myself

      as a bright Empty Vessel, the Spiritual Truth that comes through me will keep the integrity of the Integral Way        Tradition for generations to come. 

12. I acknowledge the Law of Universal Energy Response in my life. I will carefully observe my actions and life               direction, and will remain vigilant for any signs of error(s). I will aim to correct my error(s) before trouble falls               upon me or others. I understand that, if I do not correct myself, I will accept the consequences.

13. I acknowledge that any serious misuse of the knowledge, teachings, methods, techniques, or my position as          a Mentor, that causes great harm to others or invites serious trouble to others, would bring about                            consequences and retributions into my life in accordance with the Law of Universal Energy Response. I could        also be stripped of my positions, certifications, titles, offices, and powers associated as a Taoist Mentor of the

      Integral Way Tradition.
14. I make this vow in the spiritual presence of the Universal Divine One (Tao), Heaven and Earth, all the Master        Teachers of the Integral Way Tradition, and my fellow Mentors, by signing my name at the completion of this          form.


Legally, a tax-exempt religious organization (like College of Tao and the Mentorship Program) cannot endorse or promote a political candidate or movement. This extends to social media. Naturally, you are allowed your private opinions and personal vote. One can advocate for spiritual freedom but Mentors of the Integral Way do not advance political positions or promote political views. This has been the posture of the Integral Way Tradition for millennia. Therefore, we strive to remain non-judgmental.

“If you wish to recognize the truth, then hold no opinions for or against anything.
To set up what you like against what you dislike is the disease of the mind.”

from Hsin Hsin Ming’s treatise, Cultivating Pure Mind,
in Taoist Inner View, by Hua-Ching Ni

Detailed Resolution Protocols are in the Code of Ethics section of this Mentor of the Integral Way Handbook.



(ATP is not a requirement for becoming a Level 2 Mentor, but to most it has been a treasure to be allowed to learn and embody these advanced spiritual cultivations.)

Upon receiving your Level 1 Mentor Certificate, you may apply for Levels 1 - 4 of the Advanced Traditional Practice Program (ATP). The ATP was first developed by OmNi for Mentors in 1995. It consists of 36 levels of spiritual cultivations, one level per year, usually taught at the annual Chinese New Year Retreat. This process progresses until one completes all 36 Levels. The ATP participant has the option of learning ATP for one’s own development or as a healing modality to benefit others. Continuation beyond Level 4 of ATP can happen as one progresses through Mentor Level 2 and Mentor Level 3 of the Mentor Program.

                                     For further information contact Peter Stege:


The Self-Challenge Program is a traditional program originally introduced by OmNi and is recommended but not required as an addition to your Mentor training. The Self-challenge program is a traditional method of focusing the natural desire for self-improvement into effective action. Hua-Ching Ni offers this for our self-upliftment, as the saviors of our own lives. As we shape our destiny through the countless decisions and actions we undertake in daily life, self-challenge is a method of consciously aligning ourselves with our spiritual compass and periodically reminding ourselves of the direction we choose to go in. We begin self-challenge with self-examination and self-recognition of what our challenges are. Whether we define these challenges as obstacles to be overcome or as positive changes we seek to embrace, we choose a challenge on which to focus our attention and effort. We identify it as a self-challenge because we take the responsibility for re-forming ourselves. We study our self-challenge and decide how we may best fulfill it, defining our positive steps and establishing self-consequences for our actions. 
                                             For more information contact:


- The Complete Works of Lao Tzu
- Attune Your Body with Dao-In 
- The Eight Treasures: Energy Enhancement Exercise 
- I Ching The Book of Changes and Unchanging Truth
- Workbook for the Spiritual Development (of all People)
- Stepping Stones for Spiritual Success
- Power of the Feminine
- Love of Mother Universe
- Taoist Inner View
- The Path of Constructive Life
- The Five Healths for a New Humanity
- Evolve Heaven on Earth
- The Centermost Way
- Enlightenment, Mother of Spiritual Independence
- Secrets of Self-Healing
- Essence of Universal Spirituality

                    All books are written by Hua-Ching Ni and/or Dr. Mao Shing Ni

Books and downloads can be purchased at:

Renewal Application Follows Mentor Application

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Mentor Level 2 Application 

Developing and Balancing your Qi while Supporting your Community


Mentor Level 2 Application & Renewal
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Mentor Level 2 Renewal 

Developing and Balancing your Qi while Supporting your Community


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