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InfiniChi Frequently Asked Questions

InfiniChi Frequently Asked Questions

Where Did This Knowledge Come From?

Ancient Chinese Taoists went to the high mountains to contemplate nature, strengthen their bodies, empower their minds and develop their spirit.  From their studies and energy cultivation, they gave China Internal Alchemy and Chemistry, Herbology and Acupuncture, the I-Ching (Book of Changes), Feng Shui, Astrology, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other useful knowledge.  Most important, they handed down methods for attaining health, longevity and spiritual immortality.


Who Brought Us These Teachings?

Hua-Ching Ni (a.k.a. OmNi) was raised in a family tradition of healing and spirituality and was chosen as a youth to study with Taoists in the high mountains of China. After thirty-one years, he accepted the responsibility of continuing a spiritual tradition transmitted through an unbroken succession of seventy-four generations of teachers dating back to the Han dynasty and was fully acknowledged and empowered as a Master of all aspects of Taoist science and metaphysics. His practice of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Herbology spans over five decades in Taiwan and the U.S..  OmNi has written over eighty-five books in English and lectured worldwide on Chinese philosophy, traditional healing, Tai Chi Chuan, the I-Ching, Meditation and other related healing subjects. He is the patriarch of the Ni family and co-founder of Yo San University of Traditional Medicine in Los Angeles, California.

The College of Tao was founded in 1976 by Hua-Ching Ni. Then, as now, its mission was to preserve and to promulgate the essential teachings of the traditions of Taoism to the western world as the Integral Way of Life.  OmNi’s sons Dr. Daoshing Ni and Dr. Mao Shing Ni continue to promote his healing vision.  In order to effectively convey this vast body of knowledge and Qi practices, it has become necessary to develop specialized Institutes, which focus on particular fields of study.

In order to fulfill OmNi's vision of training a new generation of Qi (Chi) Healers to cleanse the world of poor health, unhappiness and spiritual devolution, InfiniChi Medical Qi Gong Institute was founded as an affiliate institute of the College of Tao. 

What professional level training does InfiniChi offer? 

     1.) InfiniChi Medical Qi Gong Program  (for Acupuncturists)

                       Certified InfiniChi Medical Qi Gong Practitioner

     2.) InfiniChi Energy Healing Program  (for Non-Acupuncturists)

                     Certified InfiniChi Energy Healing Practitioner



What are the differences between a Medical and Energy Qi Gong Practitioner?

If you are an acupuncturist, then you have studied, at least, four years of in-depth Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and are qualified to add the word “Medical” to your Certification.  If you are a non-acupuncturist, then during the 4 InfiniChi courses, you will study the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  But both Certifications can help make the practitioner a powerful catalyst for helping others heal.  Regardless of which Certification you are seeking, all students take the same 4 courses.  (In the future we hope to have an advanced track where non-acupuncturists can study toward an InfiniChi Medical Qi Gong Certificate.)


Where Do These Healing Techniques Come From?


InfiniChi Energy Healing uses Qigong Meditations and Qi flowing techniques that have been studied for 5,000 years in ancient China and serves as the energetic foundation for all modalities of Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, and Tuina (body work).  The power of the body's healing systems can be accessed and strengthened by a transfer of (Qi) energy.  Hua-Ching, Ni brought them to us at the College of Tao.


InfiniChi focuses solely on that transfer of energy without the use of a physical medium.  InfiniChi Energy Healing is sometimes called, “Acupuncture without Needles” and is a non-touch therapy where a practitioner assesses and manipulates the internal and external energies of a patient to enhance healing and balance. There may also be the use of light palpation, acupressure, or guided visualization to further direct the flow of energy.  InfiniChi Energy Healing Level 1 is the first in a series of 4 course levels that can lead to a Certification as an InfiniChi Practitioner.  However, if you only desire to strengthening your Qi and Immune system, then InfiniChi Level 1 course can be taken as a stand-alone class without continuing with the whole InfiniChi program.


What do the InfiniChi courses look like?


Whether you are on the Medical QiGong track or the Energy Healing track, InfiniChi consists of four (three-day courses.) The courses must be taken sequentially but can be taken in different years.  To be Certified there are certain requirements/homework to be completed post InfiniChi course work. See below for details.


What Happens During An Infinichi Treatment?


First, a consultation will inform the InfiniChi practitioner of the treatment focus. Then, either lying down or sitting, the person is instructed to breathe calmly and relax. The practitioner takes an initial reading of energies in order to assess areas of imbalance. From this point, a host of Qi manipulation techniques are performed as the practitioner’s hands move around the patient while making the necessary energetic adjustments. There may also be the use of light massage, acupressure, or guided visualization to further direct the flow of energy. The patient may experience deep relaxation, temperature changes, numbness, tingling, light-headedness, emotions, or body movement. It’s also normal to experience no physical sensation during the treatment. The InfiniChi practitioner customizes the 30-minute session and the treatment frequency to meet the unique needs of the patient.


The real power of InfiniChi comes from two places: a trusting patient-doctor relationship and the intuition and training of the practitioner. A skilled therapist’s intentions will be aligned with the patient’s. Together they will literally think, feel, and relax their way to meeting a healing objective. What makes InfiniChi unique is the sole focus on this more subtle energy, allowing a very special experience to take place.  InfiniChi perfectly supplements other Chinese medical treatments, ensuring that your wellness goals are effectively met and its portability allows anyone to be treated, including those with mobility issues.

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