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Entrepreneurialism in Spiritual Development

Morality is the foundation of all business, whether you agree or not

In today's world, military adventures and colonization for commercial benefits are becoming outdated, as is the creation of new ideologies for social influence. However, there is something that people can do that is never outdated, and that is to work towards the moral improvement of humanity. Improving people's conscience and overall health, which includes financial health, through spiritual development should be the new frontier of the world. And I believe that the positive side of entrepreneurship can help us in this endeavor and be adapted to extend the service of the Spiritual work of The Integral Way.

If the entrepreneurial business ethic is applied correctly, it could be used to convey an important spiritual message to the new generation that everyone should take care of ALL aspects of their lives with the goal of improving the moral and spiritual health of humanity. Furthermore, moral health ought to be at the center of a society because without it human society is soulless.

The Five Healths for A New Humanity
Hua-Ching Ni & Mao Shing Ni

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