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COT Council

Phillip Christman

Director of The College of Tao

  Dean, PATH Life Coaching

Peter Stege

Dean, Advanced Taoist Practice Program


Barbara Wolff

Facilitator, Sisters of The Heavenly Way

Jono Howard

Dean, Taoist Divinity Institute

Tai Chi Symbol

Marc Mason

Dr. Mao Shing Ni
Olivia Rosewood

Dean, International Taoist Meditation Institute

Ed Sullivan

Dean, Infinichi Medical Qi Gong Institute

Amira Kusala

 Dean, International Nutrition Institute

Curtis Callison
Claire Cunneen

Dean, Feng Shui Institute

Dr. Arnold Tayam

 Dean, International Bagua Institute

Sue Sullivan

Registrar, College of Tao

James Tuggle

 Dean, I Jing Institute

Bagua Symbol

Dean, CHI Health Institute

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