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Understanding Our Physical Impulses

Spiritual achievement is founded in a healthy and balanced physical life. If we lose our physical form, our soul loses its home.

In the human world, victims are created by greed, either our own or someone else's. Those who are greedy for power, money or fame cause most of the trouble. What people overlook is a correct understanding of their reproductive impulse, which is the root of all human creation and the most precious force in life. How we mange this force decides whether we become an angel or a devil. religious greed defines the sexual impulse as a sin. But the real sin comes from the human misunderstanding and misapplication of this force.

Conventionally, there is a conflict betweeen spitutality and sexualty, but such conflict only arises among people who hold narrow or extreme spiritual and religious beliefs. Those seeking spiritual truth and the completeness of life do not see sex and spirituality as opposing matters.

The teaching of the Integral Way emphasizes moderation in life and therefore guides people away from expressing extremes. It understands that useful spiritual teachings direct people to correctly utilize and fulfill all aspects of their lives, including their sexual impulse. Celibacy is also considered for its value such as during a concentrated spiritual pursuit, of when used periodically to enhance individual health.

The Five Healths for A New Humanity
Hua-Ching Ni & Mao Shing Ni

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