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True Spiritual Help

Spiritual Confusion

Throughout the centuries, human spirituality has drifted further and further away from the natural truth of life to become more and more confused. The remedy for a better and brighter spiritual future needs to come from each individual, and the small groups of people who make the effort to clear away their confusion and recover genuine spiritual health. Then, and only then, can we introduce the complete and healthy understanding of spirituality to the public. So before discussing the solution, we must first understand the background to our spiritually undeveloped world.

Since the development of the ability to conceptualize, people have learned to respect and emphasize their mental creations, such as their many religious concepts, and overlook the truth of Nature. This has led to a weakening of the human spirit. Thus, the truth of Nature should now be revealed to help draw people out of the heavy mists of their fantasies and save the human spirit.

The Five Healths for A New Humanity
Hua-Ching Ni & Mao Shing Ni

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