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The Value of Mutual Assistance Between Yin and Yang

An Essential Message of the Integral Way

In the tradition of the Integral Way, harmony between the two life forces of yin and yang is the spiritual root of all things, as illustrated by the Tai Chi symbol. This principle of harmony ensures the survival of life, and has nothing to do with any kind of competition between the two forces as expressed through the female and male form respectively.

Physically and sexually, males tend to be tough while females are soft. Compared to females, males generally take longer to attain a good understanding of life, and they tend to have more worldly fantasies and are more ambitious for wordly excitement.

In early human society, mothers were the natural leaders of the family and growing clans. The tough instinctual nature of males was contained by the gentleness and wisdom on the females, which is how those prehistorical societies were able to live in peace for such a long time.

The politics of the early societies were developed and managed through intertribal and interracial marriages. The impartial and fair behavior of the male leader, or head of the tribe, towards their women was the key strength of social peace. Early Chinese leaders or emperors, as the head on the entire social order, would have to treat each of their women equally well, since any partial expression could shake the social foundation of harmony an invite suffering and damage.

As humans entered more deeply into a male centered world, intertribal and interracial relationships began to change from upholding harmony to favoring the play and display of male strength in physical battle. Religions were developed to enhance this strength. Now, peace is not as long lasting as what is had been in the prehistorical female centered societies.

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Hua-Ching Ni & Mao Shing Ni

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