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The Spiritual Value of Gentle Body Movement

How We Exercise and the Way We Exercise is Important

The earliest gentle body movement, now known as Dao-In, was developed by Emperor Zhuan Xu (2514-2436 BCE), the grandson of the Yellow Emperor, as a natural art for health and healing. It developed naturally during a time when medical treatment was scarce or non-existent. Wise people realized it was their personal duty to strengthen their body and enhance their health without relying on external aids or pursuits. This is unlike modern times where people weaken their physical well-being by overly relying upon modern comforts and medical services.

It seems that the human habit of relying on external resources and aid is more deeply ingrained that the discipline of self-responsibility and inner development. This habit also occurs in religion, government, medicine and other areas. Many modern establishments instill this negative mindset, which can poison the healthy sense of humanity.

The Way does not promote external services or resources, but encourages self-duty and self-responsibility in life. Our lives require our full attention rather that being overly occupied with making money and procuring all kinds of convenient services. Thus, we need to be prudent and not spoil our lives by acquiring unnecessary goods and services that could nullify the natural power of our lives. Even wise kings know that too much help can hinder the development of young people.

Tai Chi Chuan comes from the refined martial arts, which applied the principle of Dao-In. Tai Chi Chuan has various forms, but became popular through the practice of push hands. Consequently, the associated fighting skill or strategy of using force became the key attraction, rather that the Ta Chi principle of balance and harmony. It is this forceful aspect of Tai Chi Chuan that supports the hidden desire for human combat. It is many years since I moved away from the worship of martial arts, and I now practice Tai Chi movement to support my health. For healthy constructive results the practice of Tai Chi Chuan and The Tai Chi principle should conform.

The Five Healths for A New Humanity
Hua-Ching Ni & Mao Shing Ni

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