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Elena Babienko

Elena Babienko

Elena Babienko is a Taoist teacher of the Integral Way, a guide of Taoist meditations and an instructor of Qi Gong and Harmony Tai Chi. Elena conducts group and individual classes in Russia, teaching people about balance and energy management. She is always interested in managing her energy, finding peace and harmony with herself and those around her through awareness and through relationship with nature.

Elena is in search of integrity and unity of the spiritual with the practical, with the deep hope of gaining eternal virtues.

Elena Babienko is a Doctor of Classical Western Medicine. She has been practicing medicine for over 30 years, and to this day she works as a dentist.

At the moment, Elena is studying Advanced Taoist Practices and is also studying with the InfiniChi Institute, the International Bagau Institute, and also, the I Ching Studies and Divination Program.

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