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Entering The Tao: Self-Development Course Part 1

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For beginners, the Introduction to Spiritual Self-Development course is a three-part home study program that is designed to support students who have read one or more books on the Integral Way of life and who want to deepen their understanding and experience of the Integral Way by applying its principles in their daily lives. The three parts of the program are: Part I. The Integral Way of Life Part II. The Subtle Law of Energy Response Part III. Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit Each part of the program is based on a required reading list of three books. Students will be sent the course lessons via email as PDF files. The coursework consists of guided study materials to support understanding, self-reflection and personal practice. The Introduction to Spiritual Self-Development is designed primarily as a self-study program, but students are eligible to participate in an online group forum throughout all three Parts of the program. The online group also offers an opportunity to learn from the questions and insights of other students. Because each student is unique in his or her way of learning and in the time they have available for their studies, there is no deadline by which the parts of the program must be completed. Unlike the artificial pressures of academic, social and professional life, spiritual studies should be as free as possible from external or unnatural influences. Tuition for each Part of the course is $54.95, not including books.


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