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Cosmic Tour Bagua

with Dr. Arnold Tayam

Dean of International Bagua Institute

Nurture your sense of oneness in the timeless flow of Cosmic Tour 

DR. Arnold Tayam

Hello Everyone,
Continue your transformation with Transformation 2, "Coordinated Movement Creates Development", which is reflective of the Earth trigram.

Then Transformation 3, with its Double Thunder hexagram, reminds us to connect with our higher selves to learn protection and calmness.

1) The Whirlpool #29, “Flowing Without Obstruction”,
2) Rotating Earth #2, “Coordinated Movement Creates Development”
3) Rumbling Thunder #51, “Calmness Overcomes Shock”
4) The Gentle Whirlwind #57, “Gently Flowing with the Way”
5) The Changing Sky #1, “The Active Dragon Moves on”
6) The Majestic Mountain #52, “The Freedom to Move and the Freedom to Rest”
7) The Effervescent Lake #58, “Participating in Joyfulness”
8) The Transforming Fire #30, “Radiant and Expressive Like the Sun”

Bagua class at College of Tao retreat 2023

Arnold Tayam's Cosmic Tour Bagua class Retreat 2023

Transformation 3, Rumbling Thunder

“Calmness Overcomes Shock”


February 25, 2024, 9:00 - 12:00 PST


Rumbling Thunder features the energy of thunder which  brings about awakening.

This transformation is characterized by an emphasis in spiraling and circular movements 

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